Group Members

We are looking for new Postdocs, PhD, Masters and Undergraduate students to join C.Psyd (see openings) !

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Marten van Schijndel

Assistant Professor, started July 2019


PhD Students

Anna Choi

PhD Student, started 2021

  • dialect, accent, AI ethics

Chloe Kwon

PhD Student, started 2019

  • phonetics, computational linguistics, prosody

Kaelyn Lamp

PhD Student, started 2018

  • phonetics, computational semantics, Bayesian statistics

Kihyo Park

PhD Student, started 2022

  • computational psycholinguistics, sentence processing, experimental pragmatics

Chuyu Qin

PhD Student, started 2020

  • computational psycholinguistics, Chinese linguistics

Joseph Rhyne

PhD Student, started 2017

  • computational historical linguistics, modeling language change

John Starr

PhD Student, started 2020

  • computational linguistics, poetry, psycholinguistics

Nianpo Su

PhD Student, started 2021

  • language acquisition, syntax, psycholinguistics, language processing

Fengyue Zhao

PhD Student, started 2022

  • computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, phonetics

Bachelors and Masters Students

Cassidy Langenfeld

BA Student, started 2022

  • language acquisition, programming languages

Vinh Nguyen

BS Student, started 2022

  • code-switching

Reetu Parikh

BS Student, started 2021

  • syntactic ambiguity

Andrew Xu

BS Student, started 2022

  • code-switching

Fangcong Yin

BS Student, started 2022

  • summarization, evaluation



Jacob Collard,
Ling PhD (2020), NIST

Katherine Blake,
Ling PhD (2022), Amazon

Forrest Davis,
Ling PhD (2022), MIT Linguistics Postdoc

Masters students

Rishi Bommasani (CS MS 2020), Stanford CS PhD

Debasmita Bhattacharya (MEng 2021), Columbia CS PhD

Thomas Darnell (Ling MA 2022)

Bachelors Students

William Timkey (BA Ling 2020), NYU Ling PhD

Marisabel Cabrera (BA Ling 2021), UCLA Ling PhD

Tristan Engst (BS CS 2021), Simon Fraser CS PhD